Andrea Diprè, born in Tione di Trento 9 November 1974, is the founder of Dipreism.

The Dipreism is an all-encompassing religion that preaches the symbiosis between the apex of Liberty and that of Vertigo.

“Sheathed” and “sybaritic” are the two adjectives symbols of Dipreism.

Andrea Diprè is also a lawyer (as illustrated by the photo ID card) and art critic (is the first in the universal history of art to employ and to configure the concept of “work of moving art”).


Diprè Museum & Dipreistic Temple

In New York City is located the DIPRE’ MUSEUM (which contains, among others, works of Sasha Grey and Osvaldo Paniccia), while in the vicinity of Las Vegas lies the DIPREISTIC TEMPLE (constantly animated by Dipreist Priestesses).


Andrea Diprè Quotes

The famous phrases of Andrea Diprè are:

“Il cielo stellato sopra di me, la legge morale dentro Diprè”

“Andrea Diprè, the best or nothing”

“Andrea Diprè is never enough”

“Liberté, verité, Andrea Diprè”